Citizens of Palm Valley, I want to provide you with the latest news on the Coronavirus also known as COVID19. City Staff and I remain vigilant regarding developments with the coronavirus. To date, NO ONE IN THE RIO GRANDE VALLEY HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH COVID19. Although the risk of contracting coronavirus remains low in this region, City staff are prepared for all contingencies to any possible future spread of the Coronavirus in our City

I am receiving daily updates on the Coronavirus pandemic from the Governors office. So far, 30 Texans have been diagnosed with COVID19 and 50 more are waiting for results. Again, none in the Rio Grande Valley. Today Governor Abbot declared a State of Disasterfor all Counties in Texas. This will allow State resources to respond faster in case of an outbreak

So what can you do to prevent coronavirus from spreading in our City? First and foremost, please remain calm. Try not to attend any large gatherings, practice good hygiene. It is important to wash hands frequently, disinfect all surfaces, sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!!

As we continue to monitor the COVID19 disease, we will provide updates should they be necessary

Respectfully, Mayor George Rivera