Cost of Living

Cost of Living

Palm Valley resides in considerably the lowest cost-of-living regions in the United States. Bloomberg reports it at 18 percent below national average. Palm Valley has wonderful weather and a convenient location; all at a great price.

Property Tax Rates

We are proud of our police department and city staff that work to make sure Palm Valley is a community you are proud to live in and call home. To fund our city services we access property taxes. Below is a table of the property taxes rates per $100 valuation.

  1. City of Palm Valley .515463
  2. Cameron County .384291
  3. Harlingen C.I.S.D 1.218000
  4. Drainage District #5 .137364
  5. South Texas I.S.D .049200
  6. Total Tax Rate 2.211396
Cost of Living Palm Valley, TX United States
Overall 88 100
Grocery 89 100
Health 95 100
Housing 73 100
Utilities 98 100
Transportation 99 100
Miscellaneous 96 100